Cats in their natural habitat often consume whole small prey animals, and they will eat almost everything except for the prey's intestines. This includes the prey's bones, as raw bones are easily digestible and a primary source of calcium for cats. Therefore, feeding cats raw food fulfills their natural dietary needs, and there are several benefits to feeding cats a raw food diet:



Improved digestion


Cats are obligate carnivores and require a meat-based diet. Their digestive system is specifically adapted to a meat-based diet. The feline digestive tract is short and acidic, processing raw food efficiently within about 12 hours. This leaves little time for bacteria to proliferate, making cats naturally resistant to food poisoning.

Cats have no carbohydrate requirements and limited ability to digest them. Raw food diets for cats are more easily digestible compared to plant-based food diets.

Significant reduction in fecal odor and volume: When cats are properly fed a raw food diet, their bodies absorb nutrients more efficiently, resulting in significantly reduced fecal volume. The production of feces can be cut in half, and the feces are often dry, crumbly, and nearly odorless.


Healthy and reduced shedding


After a few weeks on a raw food diet, cat owners often notice that their cats' coats become softer and shinier. Cats require essential fatty acids, such as Omega-6 and Omega-3, in their diet, which they have limited ability to produce from plant-based precursors. These essential fatty acids contribute to a healthy coat and reduced shedding.




If you're concerned about your cat's weight gain or uncontrollable weight loss, try feeding your domestic cat a raw food diet (raw diet based on the BARF model from Hi Raw!). When eating raw, cats will be nurtured according to the nutritional regimen and natural eating habits of their species; thereby creating effective and scientifically controlled nutrition for kittens. Usually, they won't overeat when fed raw food because it satisfies them. They won't feel hungry all the time. Cats that typically wake you up in the middle of the night for food, acting as if they're hungry, will start sleeping through the night. The increased energy they have will also help them burn more calories.


Improved dental health


Just like in humans, dental health in cats is partly influenced by genetics. Cats in their natural state rarely suffer from gum disease. Why? Chewing on raw bones, meat, connective tissues, skin, and fur helps keep their teeth clean. Carbohydrates create starches that promote plaque accumulation and encourage dental disease. Removing or reducing carbohydrates in a cat's diet helps maintain dental health. Providing raw food for chewing acts as a "natural toothbrush" for cats. This is essential because bacteria from dental infections can spread to other parts of the body.


Overall better health


Raw food for cats has a moisture content of about 65 to 70%, which supports their urinary tract. Carbohydrate-rich foods, low-moisture foods, especially dry foods, create alkaline urine and chronic dehydration in cats. This can lead to urinary tract inflammation. Since they have sufficient moisture in their food, cats in their natural state rarely experience urinary tract issues.



Peace of mind


Perhaps the greatest benefit of feeding cats raw food is the peace of mind it can bring to the owner. Feeding cats a raw food diet is different and depends on the individual cat's body and weight, so it is important to feed them according to their specific needs.


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