Caring for a kitten is similar to caring for a child; it requires its own methods and secrets. However, not everyone understands each step clearly. Let Hi Raw! guide you through the experience of raising a kitten correctly.


Caring for Mother Cats

Provide high-quality and nutritious food to the mother cat, especially food rich in protein. During pregnancy, the cat's food intake needs to increase to support the developing fetuses.

Resting Place and Safety
Provide a quiet and safe resting place for the mother cat. Ensure there is no disturbance and maintain a warm environment to keep both the mother and kittens warm.

Health Monitoring
Take the mother cat to the veterinarian for health check-ups and to determine the expected delivery time. After giving birth, take both the mother and kittens to the vet for health checks and vaccinations.

Create a Nursing Environment
Provide a separate enclosure or nest for the mother and kittens to create a private and safe environment for nursing.

Assist During Birth
During labor, ensure the mother cat is in a quiet environment and supervise from a distance to ensure everything progresses normally.


Caring for Newborn Kittens

Safe Environment
Provide a warm, dry, and safe environment for the newborn kittens. Ensure there is no cold draft and no hazardous objects around.

Mother's Milk Substitute
In cases where the mother cat cannot provide milk or if the kittens have trouble nursing, you can use commercially available milk substitutes from pet stores.

Veterinary Consultation
If there are health or nutrition concerns with the kittens, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Regular Monitoring
Monitor the health and development of the kittens daily. Check for any abnormal signs such as swelling, infection, or other health issues.

Gentle Interaction
Start gentle interaction with the kittens after a few weeks when they are stronger. Emphasize gentleness and calmness to avoid scaring the kittens.
Please note that both mother cats and newborn kittens require special attention and monitoring. If you have any questions or concerns, seek support from a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitation expert to ensure the best care for both the mother and kittens.

For Feral Kittens

Safety Note
Feral kittens can be very fearful and prone to running away. Ensure the surrounding environment is safe and free from hazards that could cause injury or loss.

Create a Comfortable Environment
If you have adopted a feral kitten, create a separate area with a crate or enclosure for the kitten during the acclimatization period. This helps the kitten feel safe and allows them time to adjust to the new environment.

Provide Food and Water

Make sure the feral kitten has sufficient food and clean water to maintain its health. Feral cats often eat meat, so provide high-quality food with enough protein and necessary nutrients.

Gentle Interaction
Once the feral kitten has acclimated to the new environment, you can begin approaching and gently interacting with them. Do this under careful supervision and slowly to avoid frightening the kitten.

Build Trust 
Build a trusting relationship with the feral kitten by offering food, gentle interaction, and not imposing yourself. This helps the kitten understand that you are not a threat and can be trusted.

Veterinary Services
Take the feral kitten to the veterinarian for health check-ups and vaccinations. The vet can provide recommendations for caring and nurturing feral kittens.

Slow and Patient
Remember that taming feral kittens is a time-consuming and patient process. Avoid imposing yourself and allow the kitten to feel comfortable at each stage of development.

Keep in mind that feral kittens may require time to adapt and trust. Always follow the advice of veterinarians or experts in wildlife rehabilitation to ensure the best care and development of feral kittens.

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