Summer has arrived, bringing intense heat and sweltering sun that not only affects human health but also has a significant impact on our furry friends. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can experience various health issues due to hot weather if not properly cared for.


Let's explore how scorching summer can affect our beloved pets with Hi Raw!.


Water and Hydration – The Key to Summer Wellness


Water plays a crucial role in helping pets maintain their body temperature, especially during hot sunny days. Pets can quickly become dehydrated if not provided with an adequate water supply. Therefore, ensure that your pets always have access to clean and cool water sources to maintain their body temperature balance.


Besides changing the water regularly, place multiple water trays in easily visible locations within the house and the garden if your pets enjoy outdoor activities. Continuously check and replenish the water in their bowls to ensure they always have an adequate supply of water.



Creating a Cool Refuge for your Pets


During the summer, temperatures rise significantly, and our beloved pets cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating like humans. Thus, it is essential to create an environment with a comfortable temperature where pets can rest to ensure the stability of their body temperature (Dogs: 37.5°C - 39.0°C; Cats: 38.0°C - 39.5°C).


Especially on hot days, keep your pets indoors or in shaded areas, both indoors and outdoors, to prevent dehydration. Limit taking your pets out for walks during the hottest hours of the day (from 10 AM to 4 PM). 


Moreover, never leave your pets in a car under the sun, even with a slightly open window.



Diet and Nutrition Adjustments


On hot sunny days, pets often show signs of decreased appetite or skipped meals. Pawrents may consider a diet that provides food rich in organic options and supplement with safe fruits to help their furry companions maintain hydration. Furthermore, adding water or broth to pets' food will help provide hydration and increase moisture in their bodies.


To choose the right food that meets your pet's nutritional needs in the summer, you can consult a veterinarian.



Exercise is also an essential factor in maintaining good health for our furry friends. However, during hot weather, pets may feel uncomfortable, and exercising during this time can raise their body temperature excessively. Hence, pay attention to having pets exercise gently in the early morning or cool evening hours.


Take the time to observe and pay attention to any changes in your pet's behavior and health. If you suspect that your pet may be experiencing heat stroke, take them to the veterinarian immediately.



Ensure hygiene for your pets


Maintaining proper hygiene for your pets is crucial during the hot summer months. At least once a week, bathe your furry friends using specialized shampoos for dogs and cats to ensure their bodies are clean and comfortable, preventing common skin diseases that arise during the summer. 


Moreover, your pet's fur plays a vital role in protecting them from the heat. The fur keeps their bodies cool and reduces heat absorption from sunlight. However, excessively thick fur can make your pet feel hot. Therefore, ensure you regularly brush your pet's fur during the summer to remove loose hair and keep their coat thin and airy. Use grooming tools suitable for your pet's fur type to avoid damaging their skin.

Additionally, take your pet for regular checkups, follow their vaccination schedule, and deworm them to ensure their overall health.


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