The Tet atmosphere has filled every corner of the streets. Let's take a stroll through the Hi Raw! Spring Market to discover the diversity, freshness, and nutrition of the high-quality pet food paradise for dogs and cats. With ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and HACCP food safety and hygiene certification, our fresh pet meat products ensure a delicious and safe meal for your pets every day.



Raw Meat for Dogs and Cats (Raw Food for Dog & Cat)


Roi Fresh Meat for Dogs and Cats is the national menu for large families seeking an all-encompassing meal suitable for pets aged 2 months and above.


- Chicken Fillet Just Beat It: A nutritious and delicious dish rich in Vitamin B6, supporting carbohydrate metabolism, fat and protein, producing energy, and enhancing the immune system for your bosses.

- Pork Heart Will Go On: Provides abundant protein and iron, helping build and maintain muscle mass, promoting good energy production, and boosting the immune system for your furry friends.

- Beef Brisket Gets Hot Ticket: Contains all essential amino acids, providing protein to transport oxygen and nutrients to vital areas, enhancing the immune system of your beloved pets.


Nutrient-Rich Meat for Cats (Raw Food for Cat)


Nutrient-rich fresh and delicious meat ensures the supply of absolute nutrition and energy. Suitable for kittens aged 2 months and above.

Binge Eating Chicken: Contains Vitamin B6 to support energy metabolism and cardiovascular health for your home cats.

Quail With Flying Colors: Rich in protein and essential vitamins, helping your loved boss develop comprehensively.

Beef Out of this World: An excellent source of protein, containing all essential amino acids that "royalties" need to...sleep all day.

Best of Pork World: Contains many essential nutrients, supporting digestion and health, keeping your cat always full of energy.

Sea Fish Sealed with Kiss: Made from tuna and mackerel along with carefully selected ingredients, providing a delicious meal for your "majesties."

Stuck In Love With Duck: Contains most B vitamins supporting your beloved cat's energy metabolism and cardiovascular health.

By Force Of Rabbit: Low in saturated fat but rich in essential amino acids, helping strengthen the immune system, transport energy to vital areas, and keep your cat always vibrant.

Chicken Shrimps Make Team Dream: Includes shrimp, rich in protein and low in fat, combined with chicken meat rich in selenium, a trace mineral, supporting the immune system and enhancing eye health for your cats.


Nutrient-Rich Meat for Dogs (Raw Food for Dog)


Deserving of its name, nutrient-rich meat provides abundant nutrients for the bodies of your beloved puppies, ensuring a good immune system, always active, and full of energy. Suitable for dogs aged 2 months and above.

Chicken Hits The Spot: Rich in selenium, a trace mineral, supporting thyroid health and your dog's immune system.

Cost a Beef Ransom: Contains an excellent source of protein, providing an absolute "gold" nutrition for your puppies.


Healthy Cooked Meat for Dogs (Cooked Food for Dog)


A "healthy" menu specifically for dogs with the desire to maintain a slim and healthy figure, providing energy for a lively day.

Salad Day of Chicken: Helps your dogs have a good immune system, this dish must be cooked before use.

Salad Day of Pork: Abundant in amino acids, meeting the full nutritional needs for your dogs. Don't forget to cook this dish before using to "fatten up" your pets.


Fish Rides in Phan Thiet Tides: With ingredients containing many vitamins and minerals, rich in Omega-3, it will be an excellent choice for the healthy raw meal of your Boss, filtering the essence from the vast Phan Thiet sea.

Quail Flies over Dong Nai Sky: is the "darling" providing a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and also has a high chondroitin content good for your Boss's bones.

Beef Hits the An Giang Peak: is a source of protein, iron, zinc, vitamins, and abundant minerals from the famous Seven Mountains for the daily diet of your Boss.

Note: These are products used for cooking.

Hi Raw! is a raw food for dogs and cats following the BARF diet - a natural biological-friendly diet, designed to be the most complete for the body and essential needs of our furry friends.

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