Feeding dogs a raw food diet can provide several health benefits. Some of the most commonly observed benefits reported by raw food advocates for dogs include:


Weight control


If your dog tends to gain weight easily, a raw food diet can help control its weight. You can easily adjust your dog's diet and accurately control what your pet is eating to promote weight loss or weight gain as necessary, based on veterinary recommendations.


Health benefits


A raw food diet can help provide your dog with increased energy, healthier skin, and cleaner teeth. The meat on bones can help reduce bad breath and improve dental hygiene in dogs. The high protein content in a raw food diet can also contribute to better muscle health in dogs.



Shiny coat


By adhering to a raw food diet, your dog's coat can become shiny and healthy. The higher fat content in most raw food diets helps promote healthy skin and coat.


Boosted immune system


Raw meat is highly bioavailable and contains live bacteria/enzymes that support digestion and aid in the absorption of almost all the essential nutrients, thus boosting the immune system. With a raw food diet, dogs produce less waste because most of the food they eat is utilized. This allows us to focus on gut health, which accounts for 70% of the immune system.


Good for gut health and reduced stool


A raw food diet for dogs can lead to smaller, less smelly stools. Studies have also found improved food digestibility in animals fed raw food, resulting in reduced stool volume due to fewer indigestible materials in the colon and less waste produced from the feces.


Hello clean teeth, goodbye bad breath


It is believed that the chewing and tearing actions required to consume raw meat/bones provide a natural teeth-cleaning and flossing action for your pet. One study demonstrated that daily supplementation of raw beef bones helped reduce dental tartar by up to 70.6% after 12 days, with no reported cases of fractured teeth.

While another study showed less dental tartar in wild or feral dogs and cats supporting claims of improved oral health in raw food diets, there is limited evidence to support claims of reduced periodontal disease when feeding raw.



Is a raw food diet suitable for your dog?

A raw food diet has the potential to improve a dog's health, but it may not be suitable for every dog. Ultimately, whether a raw food diet is appropriate for your dog or not is a question to be answered by you and your veterinarian.


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