Domestic Cat


The domestic cat (tabby cat,  yellow cat, and calico cat) is an indispensable part of the everyday landscape in Vietnam, considered a loyal and adorable companion by many Vietnamese families and people. In particular, owning a domestic cat is seen as a part of the culture and folk tradition.

  • Appearance:

    • Diversity: Domestic cats come in various appearances, with no specific standards regarding color and shape. Each individual can have short or long fur, ranging in colors from white, gray, black, to different shades.

    • Slender physique: They usually have a slender and compact body, although there are domestic cats that are larger in size.

  • Characters:

    • Friendly: They are generally very friendly and approachable, and like to interact and communicate with humans.

    • Independent: They have an independent nature and do not require constant care from humans.

    • Adaptability: Domestic cats often adapt well to their living environment, having the ability to live naturally and exhibit good hunting skills.



Siamese Cat


The Siamese cat is an intelligent, active, and friendly breed, making them a popular choice among cat lovers who want a smart and interactive companion.

  • Appearance:

    • Fur coat: Siamese cats have short, smooth and shiny fur, often characterized by distinctive colors such as cream, chocolate, gray, or black.

    • Head and face: The outstanding features of Siamese cats are large eyes and a slightly pointed nose, creating a charming and attractive appearance.

    • Body shape: Siamese cats can be slender or muscular, with a flexible body and a high level of activity.

  • Characters:

    • Intelligence: Siamese cats are known for their intelligence and cleverness. They are often quick-witted and easy to train, with the ability to learn new skills rapidly.

    • Active: Siamese cats are active and curious creatures who love to engage in physical and playful activities.

    • Interactive: They are usually very friendly and affectionate towards humans, appreciating care and social interaction.



British Shorthair Cat


The British Shorthair cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, cherished for its attractive appearance and friendly nature. They are suitable for every family, from those living in apartments to those residing in large homes, and make excellent companions for both children and the elderly.

  • Appearance:

    • Body: The British Shorthair has a large, rounded body that is sturdy and well-built. Their legs and tail are thick and short.

    • Fur coat: Their coat is short, dense, and plush. Common fur colors include gray, blue, cream, white, and black.

    • Head and face: They have a round head with large, round eyes. Their noses are short and wide.

  • Characters:

    • Calm: British Shorthairs are generally calm and rarely exhibit signs of agitation.

    • Friendly: They are often very friendly, adorable, and easy to care for. They appreciate a quiet and secure environment.

    • Independent: British Shorthairs have an independent nature and do not require constant attention from humans.



British Longhair Cat


The British Longhair cat is a highly endearing breed known for its friendly and easy-to-care-for nature, making it an excellent choice for cat lovers seeking an adorable and loyal companion.

  • Appearance:

    • Body shape: The British Longhair cat has a large, round, and sturdy body, reflecting its strength and robustness.

    • Fur coat: The standout feature of this breed is its long, thick, and soft coat. The coat color can vary from shades namely blue-gray, blue-cream, white, cream to black.

    • Head and face: The British Longhair cat has a round head and large eyes, exuding a cute and lovable appearance.

  • Characters:

    • Calmness: British Longhair cats tend to have a calm and stable temperament, rarely causing disturbances.

    • Friendly: They are often very friendly and approachable, enjoying interaction and communication with humans.

    • Easy to care for: Their gentle and accommodating nature makes British Longhair cats an ideal companion for families, particularly with young children and the elderly.



Persian Cat


The Persian cat is known for its round body, short nose, and elegant appearance, exuding grace and sophistication.

  • Appearance:

    • Body shape: Persian cats have a large, round body and a short nose, contributing to their elegant and refined beauty.

    • Fur coat: The standout feature of Persian cats is their long, thick, and soft coat, often displaying a diverse range of colors and beautiful patterns.

    • Face: They have a short muzzle, large eyes, and their eyes typically come in blue or gold, showcasing a striking and noble appearance.

  • Characters:

    • Adorable: Persian cats are adorable, gentle, and friendly.

    • Gentle: They are usually very gentle and rarely cause disruptions, preferring tranquility and comfort.

    • Affectionate: Persian cats are typically very friendly and affectionate towards humans, appreciating care and interaction.



Munchkin Cat


The Munchkin cat is a unique and adorable breed which is famous for its playful and friendly nature, making them a popular choice for cat lovers seeking a cheerful and interactive pet friend.

  • Appearance:

    • Short legs: The most distinctive feature of Munchkin cats is their short legs, caused by a specific genetic mutation.

    • Body shape: They typically have a slender and compact body, although there are Munchkin cats that can be larger in size.

    • Fur coat: Munchkin cats can have either short or long coats, with a variety of colors and patterns.

  • Characters:

    • Playful: Munchkin cats are often very active and curious, enjoying engaging in playful activities and exploring their surroundings.

    • Friendly: They are usually very friendly and affectionate towards humans, appreciating care and social interaction.

    • Easy to care for: Their easygoing and gentle nature makes Munchkin cats an ideal companion for families.





Cats are not only pets but also loyal and adorable companions in the lives of many Vietnamese families. From our friendly and diverse native cat breeds to internationally recognized breeds like the intelligent Siamese, active British Shorthair, elegant Persian, and unique Munchkin, each breed carries its own beauty and distinct personality.

No matter which breed of cat you choose, there will never be a lack of joy and happiness in your daily life. Cherish the moments spent with these lovely companions and create memorable experiences each day.


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