Choosing a reliable source of food with a clear origin not only reflects love and responsibility but also provides an opportunity for long-term health and happiness for our furry-friends companions. In the vast world of pet food, Rawnation with the flavor of Quail Flies over Dong Nai Sky emerges as a new "darling," offering Boss a choice for delicious and nutritious meals.



High-Quality Protein Source


Quail is a high-quality protein source, providing essential amino acids for the health of pets. Protein is a fundamental component that helps build muscles, supports development, and maintains overall health.


Vitamins and Minerals


Quail Flies over Dong Nai Sky contains various foods such as beef liver, chicken liver, Japanese sweet potato, purple sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, providing a diverse supply of vitamins and minerals. This helps maintain overall health and supports basic functions in pets.


Chondroitin for Bones and Joints


Chondroitin is an essential component in quail, beneficial for bone and joint health. A high chondroitin content can support flexibility and combat issues related to the bones and joints of pets.



No Added Oil and Spices


Food processed from Quail Flies over Dong Nai Sky by Hi Raw! does not require additional oil or spices during preparation. This makes the food wholesome and suitable for various cooking methods.


Weight: 800g.


Note: COOK BEFORE CONSUMING. Suitable for puppies aged 2 months and above!



Tips for using Hi Raw! to win the heart of your beloved Boss


- 100% of the raw materials are produced in a fresh state, so the product must be cooked before use.

- Thaw by transferring the product from the freezer to the refrigerator section 1 day before processing or soak the product in water for 10-15 minutes before processing.

- The product can be cooked using various methods: Boiling, Steaming, Stir-frying, Microwaving, etc. No need to add oil or spices during cooking.

- After the meat is cooked, it can be combined with: Rice, Oats, Dry grains, etc.


Storage Instructions


- Store in the freezer at a temperature below -10°C.

- Keep the product in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2-3 days.

- Store in the freezer for unused products.

- Do not refreeze the product.


Hi Raw!'s Commitment


✨ With raw materials raised and processed in large factories in Vietnam with the quality used to serve humans, carefully selected by Hi Raw! to create high-quality meals for our beloved Bosses. 

✨ Hi Raw! packages the product in a vacuum and produces it according to the leading soft-frozen meat processing technology in Europe. 

✨ Hi Raw! products are nutritionally tested at the QUATEST 3 Quality Standard Center. 

✨ Hi Raw!'s manufacturing plant meets HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 standards.


Hi Raw! is a raw food brand for dogs and cats following the BARF diet - a biologically appropriate raw food diet designed to meet the complete nutritional needs of our furry friends.


Visit Hi Raw!'s official channels for more information on raw food products for dogs and cats, details about events, or promotional programs at:

🐶 Facebook Fanpage: Hi Raw!

🐱 Website:

😻 Zalo OA: Hi Raw!

🐈 Shopee: Hi Raw! Official Store

🐩 Hotline: 0919800805






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